Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world

 Why Switzerland?

The name Switzerland itself speaks for its quality and authenticity. Switzerland has been always recognized for its world’s leading research environment and proved itself one of the biggest investor in education in Europe.

Switzerland is known worldwide for its high-quality and varied education system. Regardless of specialisation, students here can find a world-class institution to fit their needs. The safety and quality of life in Switzerland, its cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as its location right in the center of Europe have made the country attractive to those wishing to study in an international environment.

The country is also extremely attractive to those who want to study hospitality management. In fact, at any time more than 5'000 students from all over the world are studying at one of the numerous hotel management schools in Switzerland. A number of executives in the global hospitality industry are graduates of Swiss hotel schools.

For over one hundred years, Switzerland has been famous for its excellence in hotel management education. A typical feature of Swiss hotel management schools is the combination of theory and practice, whereby emphasis is placed on the personal development of each student.

Some of the reasons to study hotel management in Switzerland include:

  1. Management Education in Switzerland has been Ranked on of the top in the world.
  2. Switzerland has been ranked one of the Safest Countries in the World.


Switzerland has been famous for its strategic location in Europe; it is locked in the heart of Europe. Students can avail golden opportunities whilst studying in Switzerland by traveling and working in the bordering countries like France, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria.
Lucerne which is known as the heart of Switzerland is one of most touristic yet being one of the most beautiful city of Switzerland. It takes approximately hour and a half to travel from Lucerne to almost any bordering countries and cherry on the top, no visas are required.


Switzerland bordering 3 important countries each country exerts cultural influence on the areas of Switzerland which is visible by the verities of languages spoken in Switzerland. There are 4 national languages spoken in Switzerland; German (spoken by 63.7%), French (spoken by 20.4%), Italian (spoken by 6.5%) and Romansch (spoken by 0.5%).
Students can easily brush-up their language skills by working or traveling to the Italian, German or French part of the country.


Switzerland has world’s one of the highest GDP ranking (No. 17 in the world), making Switzerland one of the most stable and prosperous country in the world. Switzerland‘s unemployment rate is only around 3%, meaning a very few are unemployed perhaps by choice or by circumstances. Switzerland has one of the strongest currencies. Summing up to be the safest place for career advancements.

Paid Internship:

Another reason to choose Switzerland is because of its paid internship perk. In hospitality business, students can earn CHF 2’168 per month.

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