Why Us?

Founded in 2008, SIMS is today the largest online expatriate resource for Swiss Universities and Schools, operating all Cantons in Switzerland in up to 5 languages.

We are looking forward to share the benefit of the unique position we have established among students looking to study in Switzerland.

Who's using it?

  • 100.000+ visits/monthly
  • 1.200.000+ page views/monthly
  • 1.800.000+ Hits/monthly

Most of our users visit shortly before deciding where to study. They are looking for new study programs and universities in Switzerland or Europe

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NOTE: all our Advertisements banners are booked until end 2013

Campaign objectives

  • Generate new students.
  • Maximize reach: Contact a maximum of people that look for Education Switzerland.
  • Offer the right product to the right person. (e.g. present your Program to people looking for information about education)
  • Constantly review and optimize campaign with gathered data.
  • Value for money: Measurable return on advertising

As a Premier Partner of our Educational Services, your university will benefit from:

  • Priority listing
  • Unlimited words space available to promote your school
  • Have your school‘s details displayed prominently
  • Dedicated sections to promote courses and programs, which are being offered by your university.
  • Backlink to your own website
  • 24/7 full access to update or amend changes on your school’s profile or programs

We also offer other partnership programs. For more Informa9on please get in touch with one of our team members

We have run effective campaigns for ISBM (Full Sponsoring for 1 year)  / IMI


On The Following Websites:

FULL Advertisements

Are you interested to advertise on all our websites and be the only sponsor, we can offer you full advertisement for 149.000 Euro per year

What it means for you to be our only customer?

  • We will try to change our websites structures to be 100% made just for students interested to study in Switzerland  at your University
  • We will create new websites to fulfill your needs (we made new websites for many schools and the results were amazing for them, even we can make translation into Arabic, Russian and German for your websites.)
  • Will use our know-how just for you
  • We will use our connections to give you best results

The full sponsoring will give you more results with fewer headaches, we will be doing the job for not just 12 Months, we will do it for 15 Months, because we know, the first 3 months you will not see big different, therefore, the first 3 Months we work to change our websites, including design, to fulfill your needs.

Many schools invest on adwords and other websites much more then us charge, and when we started to work with them, for less budget they invested on Google and other websites, the results were up to 20% more students than previous years.

Therefore, with us, you will be sure that you investing only for students who are looking to study in Switzerland.

We are looking forward to share the benefit of the unique position we have established among students looking to study in Switzerland

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